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East Scotland Branch


Scottish Micro Moth Distribution Maps

Compiled by Mark Cubitt

The table on this page lists the micro moths of the family shown that have been recorded in Scotland. The maps show, at a vice county level, where each species has been recorded.  

Clicking on the map will show an enlarged version of the map. The cursor (arrow) keys on a keyboard can be used to move to the next or previous species' enlarged map.

Clicking on the Taxon (scientific name) will open a browser window for that species in the ukmoths web site.

Data has been supplied by Dr Mark Young in collaboration with Tony Davis.  The list is provisional and may contain some errors and Mark would welcome any comments about this from anyone finding such errors.  New vice county records are published in the Annual Microlepidoptera Review, which appears each year in the Entomologists Record journal.  Updates are made periodically based on new records which should be submitted annually via your county moth recorder to both Mark and Tony. .

Data at 10km level is available from the National Moth Recording Scheme database for a number of vice counties to varying degrees of completeness at at the end of 2016. For vice counties with no records in the NMRS for a species, but where there are records at the VC level then a centroid marker is shown in the VC with a red marker.

Species with a first record in 2016 and later are shown with a blue spot, in 2020 with green and earlier records an orange spot.

Page last created: 30/11/2021

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VC Map

10K Map

62.001 (1428) Aphomia sociella
62.005 (1426) Achroia grisella
62.006 (1425) Galleria mellonella
62.007 (1433) Cryptoblabes bistriga
62.011 (1450) Ortholepis betulae
62.012 (1451) Pyla fusca
62.015 (1462) Delplanqueia dilutella
62.019 (1453) Pima boisduvaliella
62.02 (1451a) Etiella zinckenella
62.023 (1442) Pempelia palumbella
62.027 (1455) Dioryctria simplicella
62.028 (1454) Dioryctria abietella
62.029 (1452) Phycita roborella
62.030 (1457) Hypochalcia ahenella
62.035 (1439) Acrobasis advenella
62.036 (1438) Acrobasis suavella
62.039 (1486) Apomyelois bistriatella
62.042 (1458) Myelois circumvoluta
62.048 (1470) Euzophera pinguis
62.049 (1472) Euzophera bigella
62.0491 (1471) Euzophera osseatella
62.054 (1481) Homoeosoma sinuella
62.057 (1485) Phycitodes maritima
62.058 (1483) Phycitodes binaevella
62.059 (1484) Phycitodes saxicola
62.062 (1479) Plodia interpunctella
62.063 (1475) Ephestia kuehniella
62.064 (1473) Ephestia elutella
62.067 (1476) Cadra cautella
62.069 (1432) Anerastia lotella
62.0712 (1418) Pyralis manihotalis
62.072 (1417) Pyralis farinalis
62.0722 (1423) Aglossa ocellalis
62.074 (1421) Aglossa pinguinalis
62.075 (1413) Hypsopygia costalis
62.076 (1415) Hypsopygia glaucinalis
62.077 (1424) Endotricha flammealis
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