Butterfly First Sightings

The table below shows the first date and location that we have heard of each species being seen this year. Details are shown for both North and South of the East Scotland Branch recording area together with the respective first date for the previous year.

Please submit any sightings, including any for species seen earlier than in the table below, using the Individual Sightings function.

Last updated on 19th February 2017

Species South of River Tay North of River Tay
2016 2017 Location 2016 2017 Location
Small Skipper 13th Jul          
Large Skipper 9th Jun          
Clouded Yellow            
Brimstone 2nd Jun          
Large White 8th May 8th Apr Aberlady 5th Aug    
Small White 19th Apr 8th Apr Gifford 31st Mar 13th Apr Montrose
Green-veined White 14th Apr 2nd Apr Haddington 24th Apr 6th Apr Carnoustie
Orange-tip 19th Apr 2nd Apr Smeaton 8th May 12th Apr Battleby
Green Hairstreak 8th May     5th Jun    
Purple Hairstreak            
Small Copper 6th May     4th Jun 6th Apr Dunkeld
Small Blue 15th May     3rd Jun    
Northern Brown Argus 6th Jun     11th Jul    
Common Blue 2nd Jun     16th Jul    
Holly Blue 15th May          
Red Admiral 3rd Feb 8th Mar Eyemouth 28th May 24th Mar Banchory
Painted Lady 12th May     20th May    
Small Tortoiseshell 24th Feb 26th Jan Tyninghame 14th Mar 17th Feb Dundee
Peacock 22nd Feb 1st Jan Haddington 20th Apr 19th Feb Scone
Comma 14th Mar 9th Mar Chirnside, Duns 19th Mar    
Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary 8th Jun     27th May    
Pearl-bordered Fritillary       11th May    
Dark Green Fritillary 3rd Jul     1st Jul    
Speckled Wood 19th Apr 4th Apr Partanhall, Burnmouth 28th May    
Wall 12th May 20th Apr Torness      
Mountain Ringlet       28th Jul    
Scotch Argus 6th Aug     6th Aug    
Grayling 3rd Jul     16th Jul    
Meadow Brown 23rd Jun     11th Jul    
Ringlet 19th Jun     13th Jul    
Small Heath 15th May     28th May    
Large Heath 23rd Jul          
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