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East Scotland Branch


Scottish CMR Voucher Photo Archive

This page holds the validated archive of digital voucher photographs of Scottish moths. It is not supposed to be a high quality photo display of which there are many on the web. The archive provides somewhere to put photographic evidence that a species has been recorded at a local VC level. It may be appropriate to have multiple photos of the same species that are recorded only every few years or different areas of a large vice county. Really it is here so that a CMR’s successor or their successor when they see a record in the VC database has somewhere to go to satisfy themselves that an historical record is sound.

These pages hold copies of the photos to provide 'public' access to the archive. The photographs remain copyright of the photographer.

The archive itself is currently hosted on Dropbox. Access to the Dropbox folders is primarily for County Moth Recorders and each of them will own their Vice County album(s). Sharing of Dropbox folders is also available to other observers in order to allow them to submit 'Proposed' photos where the CMR doesn't yet maintain an album. Requests for access should be made using the Contact Us form on this website.  There are Detailed instructions for sizing, naming and adding photos.