Possible Blackneck find on Berwickshire Coast?

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Possible Blackneck find on Berwickshire Coast?

Postby IAC » Tue 09 Jun 2009 18:52

Hi all,
This very fuzzy photo was taken by myself on June 1st on coastal scree at NT 96 6 59 6. Large moth, slightly worn..have been advised by Barry Prater, that possible identity could be the Blackneck - lygephila pastinum. Would be very interested to hear anyones thoughts on this...Barry reckons that this is very far north for this species....

Cheers IAC.
Blackneck ?? on Berwickshire Coast.
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Re: Possible Blackneck find on Berwickshire Coast?

Postby admin » Tue 09 Jun 2009 22:40

Fantastic Iain. I thought that it was probably new to Scotland and so would need confirmation from Roy Leverton.

He says:
Hi Mark,
Yes, no doubt at all - a fine fresh Black Neck. New for Scotland, as far as I know. Isn't this global warming wonderful? Long may it continue.
Congrats to the observer,

Well done.

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