Borders sightings April 2019

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Borders sightings April 2019

Postby NickMorgan » Fri 26 Apr 2019 13:29

Thought I would be radical and put up a Borders post!
I was following a male Orange Tip in my garden near Selkirk this morning. It inspected some Garlic Mustard near a tumbled down wall and while I was watching it a female Green-veined White flew into the same area. As I was trying to take a picture a Comma flew in and left a little present on a nettle leaf. I struggled to get a picture of the egg, but while I was doing that a female Orange Tip landed on some Garlic Mustard and laid an egg on a couple of flower heads.
Before the sun disappeared I had a total of 2 Peacocks, 1 Comma, 2 female Green-veined Whites, a mating pair of GVWs, five male and one female Orange Tips. Plus three eggs!
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