Edinburgh sightings September 2018

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Edinburgh sightings September 2018

Postby ricowells » Sun 16 Sep 2018 01:13

Wee stroll around Bawsinch reserve when the sun came out today. Circa 6 speckled woods bickering over the best sunning spots in clearings in the woods. One stopped to pose for an autumnal shot
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Re: Edinburgh sightings September 2018

Postby MairiM » Sun 23 Sep 2018 22:10

This is my first post on here so hope it works and my photo goes in the right place!
I went out today to look for red admirals and found my first four close to my flat in Edinburgh. There is a small patch of ground with Buddleias at the bottom of Thornybauk steps which go down from St. Leonard's Bank to join the path that leads to the Innocent Railway tunnel and I got distracted for a good 20 minutes watching the red admirals there before continuing to my intended destination. At RBGE I found a further five that were nectaring on the very beautiful plant Cimifuga racemosa 'Purple Torch'. There are two good sized clumps of this plant either side of the arch in the middle beech hedge. Really enjoyed watching them feed and photographing them. I have attempted to put up one photo here, but have quite a few more online too. If you use Facebook I put up lots of butterfly photos there on my page "Mairi McIntosh Nature Photography". There are two posts about today's red admirals and the rest of what I put on my page is mostly butterflies so far as I have become a little obsessed this summer! I'm really enjoying reading through past posts on here and discovering new places to look for butterflies.
Quick question: I have been using iRecord to record my butterflies. I've had people on moth forums saying that it's not the preferred way for county recorders to receive moth records. Is iRecord considered a good way of submitting butterfly records or is there another preferred method?

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Re: Edinburgh sightings September 2018

Postby GazingAtTrees » Mon 24 Sep 2018 11:24

As well as the five red admirals on the Purple Torch at the Botanics yesterday, there were another five near the East Gate. From the East Gate, take the path towards the Chinese hillside, a little before the wee stone bridge (the bridge nearer the big pond), up the slope on the left. The bush has high white buddleia like flowers, similar to the Purple Torch.

In the last week there have been one or two red admirals in the morning on the buddleia at the top of the steps by the east side of the glasshouses. There was also a painted lady on that buddleia yesterday.

I'm still checking the hydrangeas behind the toilet block by the glasshouses. That has gone quiet, but I had a few sightings of speckled wood there in early September.
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Re: Edinburgh sightings September 2018

Postby MairiM » Mon 24 Sep 2018 17:56

That's excellent, I must go back for another visit soon. I posted a couple of photos to @RBGENature and they said there was a Comma today too.
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Re: Edinburgh sightings September 2018

Postby georgehogg » Tue 25 Sep 2018 14:25

Hi iRecord and county moth reports are different in as much as the first is national and the second is local.
Despite the faff it is best to do both , though I know many moth folk only pass stuff to their county recorders.
Best just to ask your county moth and butterfly recorders if they glean records from iRecord.
If not they need them sent directly.
Must admit , 3 butterfly survey sites & moth trapping in 2 sites this year , & compiling the reports for clients , I have been a bit tardy in submitting records to either !
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Re: Edinburgh sightings September 2018

Postby peregrine » Sat 06 Oct 2018 11:42


I am the recorder for the Lothians, the best way to submit records to myself is through iRecords.

I verify them through iRecords and then download the records to include in the database for the year that is sent to Butterfly Conservation in March each year.

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Re: Edinburgh sightings September 2018

Postby MairiM » Mon 08 Oct 2018 12:04

Hi Simon
That's great re iRecord - I shall continue sending my butterfly records to you this way. I have a further question for you. This summer is the first summer that I have been recording butterflies and I'm aware that the places I have been recording are places that are well covered already (but have been great for getting experience). I was wondering if there are any less well covered sites in Edinburgh that could do with some more visits next season? I live in East Parkside so basically anywhere within a 20 minute drive of the Commie Pool is within easy reach for me.
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