East Lothian Sightings May 2017

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Re: East Lothian Sightings May 2017

Postby georgehogg » Mon 28 May 2018 11:05

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Hi Iain , Apologies , didn't spot this post until now.
Attaching pics of site.
From the entrance style follow the most natural route downwards , which brings you to the top of this large rock .
The insect was on burnside at foot of rock ,both sides of stream.
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Re: East Lothian Sightings May 2017

Postby IAC » Mon 28 May 2018 22:25

Hi George, No worries. What a fantastic looking site. I've never been down, ever. It would certainly be sheltered down in the Dean. I might be able to get a look soon, in truth..I should already have made the effort. I'm bussing in, and the closest I can get is Soutra cafe, which is fine as I can get a bacon roll and a coffee at the start of the journey. :) From Soutra cafe I need to find a reasonably clear path back up the hill without just ducking up the side of the A68. If I can solve that problem I shall be visiting. Thank you very much for the photos and info.

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