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Moths of the Month (Adult Macros)

The National Moth Recording Scheme's database has records for each of the species for a vice county for a given month. The photographs are taken from the Scottish County Moth Recorders' Voucher Archive.  If the Archive has a photo of the species for the Vice County then that will be shown, otherwise a photo from another Scottish VC will display.  

A simple algorithm has been used to provide an indication of abundance of the species in that month (not of its abundance generally) for records since January 2000.  This has been based on the number of records (not the counts within records) that the moth has for that month in that VC compared to the total counts for that VC in that month for all species.  Some inappropriate categories may therefore be shown, but any species with 'Very Unlikely', or for beginners 'Unlikely' against them should be verified with your CMR.


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