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The East Scotland Butterfly Conservation forums provide an excellent way to share sightings and ask for help with identifications.  This user guide has been written in the form of an FAQ.

I can see the forums using the links from this web site, but cannot see how to post a message onto the forum.
In order to post messages you need to Register by clicking on the Register link here or towards the top right of the forum index page.  Clicking on this link presents a page for you to add your details including your userid, password and email address.  The registration process also asks questions to validate that you are a bona vide moth or butterfly recorder and are not a spambot.   The registration gives access to all of the forums.

I would like to receive emails to notify me that there are new topics posted on a forum
You can receive a notification when a new topic is created in a forums by clicking on the Subscribe link at the bottom of the forum index page.  You will only receive notification of further postings to that topic if you subscribe to that particular topic.  (You can unsubscribe again using a link at the same position.)

How can I upload photographs to a forum?
At the bottom of a new topic form there is an Upload Attachment link.  This allows you to browse for an image file on your PC.  There are size restrictions on the images files.  Images with a size of about 30kb and about 400 pixels across are preferred.  (The maximum sizes are 100KB and an image size of 800 x 800 pixels.) Once uploaded you can place the images 'inline' with your text by clicking on a link of that name.

What are the web addresses of the forums?
Click on any of these links and you will be taken to the forums.

Butterfly sightings
Moth sightings
Identification queries


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