Chestnut population explosion?

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Chestnut population explosion?

Postby admin » Wed 17 Mar 2010 23:10

The number of Chestnut moths caught in the last couple of weeks has been amazing. Particularly high counts have been observed where oak leaf litter has been the predominant ground cover. At two of the four sites the average catch across my two traps was 250 with one trapping over 400.

This table shows the average catch of Chestnut moths per trap by week number through the year. The moths emerge in autumn and overwinter before emerging in the Spring when it warms up.

It's difficult to know what is going on. It's been suggested that because it has been constantly so cold previously in 2010 that the moths haven't had a chance to start flying again and so this window of warmer weather has concentrated their emergence. I suspect that there is much truth in this. Equally I think that it must reflect a population peak. Quite why this peak wasn't seen in a peak in numbers caught last Autumn is a puzzle.

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