Emperor Moth Pheromone lures

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Emperor Moth Pheromone lures

Postby IAC » Fri 28 Apr 2017 09:34

Hi all,
Trapping Moths at night with a light trap is much harder work than I thought. There are other ways of trapping Moths, and one of those ways is attracting Moths in daylight to pheromone lures. There are a few pheromone lures available that cover mostly the seldom seen Clearwing Moths.
The lure that interested me this past week and has done for a while was the Emperor Moth lure. I have not bothered with it in previous years as I thought that the whole process looked complex and technical. So...I bought one...it arrived. Its a small rubber bung, impregnated with female Emperor Moth pheromones, the idea is, you stick it out on a moorland habitat and the males will pick up the scent and be lured to the pheromone bung. Well...My brother and I headed up into the hills above Duns this afternoon to a decent little sheltered spot among Heather and Blaeberry. I got the lure out of the bag and stuck about some Blaeberry branches and waited. My brother ( Rob) had by now lost interest, and...well...I was taking a bit of stick to be honest...when suddenly an Emperor appeared from nowhere, straight to the bung, and away. Another Emperor turned up, then another....has to be said, this was bloody exciting stuff. These large Moths circled around and around, obviously looking for a female and not a rubber bung. At that stage I realised I was going to need a net if I was going to catch and photograph one of those stunning males...no net... So...I improvised, and picked up the only receptacle I had handy, a small plastic tub. One of the Emperors hovered around at ground level, I was right behind it, plastic tub in one hand,,,and my other hand would be the lid.....I caught it!!!! Could not bloody believe it...I bloody caught it.... unfortunately...the plastic tub that I had caught it in had been housing the pheromone bung only half an hour ago...so...well....the poor male was now trapped in a container that was probably driving him out of his mind :D Settle down, he would not...and no surprise really. He needed 10 minutes before he decided to conserve energy and cool down. I gently took him out of the pot and unbelievably managed a few photos before he rocketed way up into the sky then across the heather and away. So....pheromone trapping with lures is ruddy good fun...and I cant believe it works. Look at this Beauty!!!

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Re: Emperor Moth Pheromone lures

Postby georgehogg » Fri 28 Apr 2017 23:12

Wow !
Got some for burnet moth in the freezer to trial in summer.
Wasn't too interested until I read your account.
Look forward to trying them now !
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Re: Emperor Moth Pheromone lures

Postby NickMorgan » Tue 02 May 2017 23:25

That's fantastic.
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