Moths from a (recently established) Lauder Garden

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Moths from a (recently established) Lauder Garden

Postby wingingit » Sat 31 Oct 2015 10:28

Having moved to a house in a new development some 8 years ago, I have waited until the shrubs and saplings in the vicinity reached a height and volume which enable me to put out my trap (albeit much closer to the house than I would prefer) without causing disturbance to neighbours. There is a densely planted screen belt containing a good variety of native tree species directly outside our back garden, so I have reasonably high hopes for the future, despite living in a modern housing development.

I began trapping earlier this month and, as can be seen below, catches to date have not been spectacular in terms of volume (having a 2 storey high white roughcast wall within 3 yards of the MV trap results in a number of moths alighting there, out of my reach - pesky critturs) but I have been pleased with results so far - and thrilled with the stunning Merveille du Jour (my first) which I found in the bottom of the trap this morning!

Here is the story so far....

12th October –– 1 Angle Shades, 4 Red-Line Quaker, 6 Yellow-Line Quaker
20th October –– 1 LYU, 3 Yellow-line Quaker, 1 Silver Y, 3 Spruce Carpet, 1 November Moth agg.
30th October –– 1 Merveille du Jour, 2 Feathered Thorn, 2 December Moth, 1 Silver Y, 1 Yellow-line Quaker, 1 November Moth agg. The feathered thorns were found on the house wall, rather than in the trap.
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Re: Moths from a (recently established) Lauder Garden

Postby MarkCubitt » Sat 31 Oct 2015 10:52

Hi Roddy and welcome to the forum.

Moths certainly don't take long to move into suitable habitat such as the woodland screen belt you mention and the variety of trees and other vegetation will bring a variety of moths. Certainly a nice selection for you last night. :-)

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