Blackneck new locations found in 2011

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Blackneck new locations found in 2011

Postby IAC » Sun 10 Jul 2011 21:37

Hi all,
The Blackneck moth was still present in numbers on the one scree slope south of Burnmouth this year. During a search for Small Blue butterfly to the north of Burnmouth a good few Blackneck were flushed here making it a new location and Hectad for the species. I also found another single moth a quarter mile south of the original site by the main east coast railwayline.
In UK MOTHS they describe the foodplant as Vicia Cracca...yes their is some at all locations. But I have to say that the moth is always found among thick tangles of Vicia Sylvatica. The Vicia Sylvatica is foodplant of the Scarce Blackneck....yet...this is clearly not the Scarce Blackneck. It is quite a mystery....It is possible that this moth will be found throughout the length of the Berwickshire coast were at least one of these vetches grow.

Blackneck this June on the Berwickshire coast.
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Re: Blackneck new locations found in 2011

Postby cubes » Sun 10 Jul 2011 22:07

Hi Iain

Really interesting stuff. Finding the caterpillars on one or both would be an interesting challenging if you fancy it?!

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