Scottish Borders Sightings June 2017

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Scottish Borders Sightings June 2017

Postby IAC » Wed 07 Jun 2017 18:52

Hi all,
Weather has finally caught up with us after months of dry weather. It is the most fruitful time of the year with only a few more species yet to emerge for the first time. On the Berwickshire coast Northern Brown Argus and Small Blue are crossing swords for the first time in 2017, but despite an early start, the Northern Brown Argus have yet to be seen at a good number of sites perhaps anticipating a downturn in the weather. The Small Blues have been numerous and industrious from early May and are still going great guns at all sites known.
Wall and Small Copper are just turning over now with fewer and fewer being seen, though second broods will just be 6 weeks away now. Red Admiral and Painted Lady have made quite an impact this past few weeks, though it has to be said the Red Admiral are absolutely everywhere and promise a legendary presence on the Buddleia and Ivy later in the year..
Our White Butterflies are all but done in Berwickshire with the freshest ones looking like migrants, Small White and Large White especially. The surprise appearnace has been a report of a single Brimstone (probably male) near Hawick nectaring at Rhodedendron of all things. This is the second consecutive Brimstone in the Scottish Borders with a sighting last year from Selkirk.
Small Heath are doing ever so well on all the coastal sites just now, but not quite so well inland. Only a few stragglers could be found whilst inland looking for Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary the last week. SPBF present on all known sites within Berwickshire and a discovery of a new site near Mellerstain just a few days ago shows that the Butterfly can still be reckoned to be under recorded.
Of the others, Common Blue and Large Skipper are just emerging in this current spell of changeable weather and should be up to speed by next week.

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Re: Scottish Borders Sightings June 2017

Postby NickMorgan » Fri 09 Jun 2017 13:00

Interesting synopsis Iain.
Things are quite similar in East Lothian, although we don't have the great variety that you have there.
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Re: Scottish Borders Sightings June 2017

Postby Matthew » Mon 12 Jun 2017 17:30

Took my annual butterflying day off a couple of weeks earlier this year. Weather not right for marsh fritillaries in Argyll or mountain ringlets in Cumbria so went to Burnmouth. Down slope to Partenhall and along beach was nicely sheltered from strong wind. About 20 northern brown argus, 20 small blue, 6 large skipper, 2 common blue, 2 small copper, 4 red admiral, 25 small heath, 8 large white, 6 small white, a green veined white, a couple of silver Y's, a flyby humming bird hawkmoth and a cuckoo.
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